microsoft-windows-xp-540x334Today is the day that Microsoft stop supporting Windows XP.

So if you’ve been thinking about installing a modern operating system on your Samsung Netbook then perhaps now is the time to give it some serious consideration.

What does this actually mean?

From today, there will be no more updates, bug fixes, security updates or technical support provided from Microsoft.

OK, don’t panic, your netbook isn’t going to stop working over night and third party applications will continue to provide some level of security to your trusty Sammy (you do use security software, right?).

But the fact remains, running an older, unsupported operating system will inevitably carry a higher level of risk and increase the likelihood of future compatibility problems.

Upgrading has a number of benefits too, Microsoft haven’t been sitting still and Windows 7 and Windows 8 have moved things along in terms of productivity, mobility, security and connectivity.

What are your options for replacing XP on your netbook?

The first obvious choice is to upgrade from XP, here are some alternative operating systems to consider:

Windows 7

Windows is the obvious choice, many users of our forum have been able to get Win 7 up and running on their Sammy, you can read more in our Windows 7 forum area. Feel free to post up any question you may have.

Microsoft Windows 7 ...
Amazon Price: £39.00

Retail Price: £79.99 (Save 51%)

Windows 7 Home Premi...
Amazon Price: $82.99

Retail Price: $119.99 (Save 30%)

Windows 8

We also have a Windows 8 area if you want to go a step further. You might want to consider Win 7 however as the older sammy specifications may be more suited to this version.

Your success may depend on what generation netbook you have, how much RAM is installed and whether you can get hold of the right drivers. Again, please post in the forum if you have any questions.

Microsoft Windows 8....
Amazon Price: £70.00

Retail Price: £99.99 (Save 29%)

Microsoft Windows 8....
Amazon Price: $92.95

Retail Price: $119.99 (Save 22%)

Please let us know how your install goes, although our forum is quiet these days, we do still get 1000s of visitors from netbook owners around the world who will appreciate hearing how you got on, lessons learnt, and the success stories!

Alternative Operating Systems

You don’t have to stick to Windows of course. A Linux based OS might be more appropriate on the older netbooks specs, with the right distro you can get a light weight install that will run the basics to keep your netbook going until it finally burns out!

Some owners have managed to get ChromeOS running on theirs, which seems like an appropriate system if you are just looking for something to surf the web on.

Find out more in our forum here.

But a new Laptop

Is it time to buy a new laptop? There are plenty of great ultra portables out there right now going for netbook prices.

I upgraded a while back to the premium Sony Vaio Pro, whilst this is certainly not priced at netbook levels I haven’t looked back. Super portable and super powerful.

If you are looking for a cheap, net friendly machine to replace your netbook then the Chromebook range might be right up your street. With sales on the up these are great little machines for anyone who wants to keep it simple.

HP Chromebook 11
Amazon Price: £188.00

Retail Price: £229.99 (Save 18%)

Acer C720 Chromebook...
Amazon Price: $178.95

Retail Price: $199.99 (Save 10%)

Samsung Chromebook X...
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Toshiba Chromebook 1...
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Acer C720 Chromebook...
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Retail Price: $249.99 (Save 10%)


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