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Thread: Samsung R530 Boot problem

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    Exclamation Samsung R530 Boot problem

    First off, Hi peeps hope my stay is a nice one

    Ok i have my neighbours lappy here with me and i shall try to start with the beginning of his problems !

    A couple of mths ago he went to turn it on and NOTHING just the power light, i tried several things like removing the battery and running just on power etc but to no avail.
    He put it in the cupboard and left it. He then turned it on a week or so later and it fired into windows which got me a bit baffled.
    Last week the same thing happened but no luck this time getting into windows just a black screen !

    Ok here goes, being a PC engineer i said i would have a look ( i hate lappys ) BUT proceeded to remove items 1 at a time , HDD, RAM, DVD, Battery and came to the conclusion that none of these components where the culprit.

    I stripped laptop down to mobo level and removed bios battery and also removed HSF and cleaned the NB and CPU from masses of paste, Reseated cpu and rebuilt laptop !

    Hey presto it fires up everytime now but then says NO Operating system found. After entering the bios date etc i noticed that sata 0 HDD was present and sata 1 DVD was also present.
    I went to boot order and looked at the listed boot devices. Everyone has a N/A next to it. I spent 15 mins trying to enable the devices ( shift + 1 ) just to be greeted by the 'Cant do that' Beeps. He also has another Samsung notebook so i went into that bios and checked all settings while looking at other ! Now in the other laptop in boot order the drive is actually listed next to the AHCI Hdd where as faulty one has the N/A.

    I thought i might have reset the bios by leaving battery out for a while as the latest version i belive is 07JD and this laptop is showing me that it is 05JD in main bios ! I made a bootable usb pen BUT bios wont show that either in the boot order ( although it does say usb key in device list )

    Not sure if all this has made sense to anyone , even i got lost writing this... Basically the problem is that the devices are not showing the model etc in the boot order yet showing just fine in the Main section of the bios !

    Any ideas with this would be a great help.

    Best regards


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    fra99y - Did you ever solve this, was it due to a corrupt bios?
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    It does seem like a bios issue.
    Removing the bios battery should not have effected it as much.
    The last thing that will happen is reset the bios and that's about it.
    It does seem like corrupt bios just like Jeepers01 said.
    Since you can't get past the bios, it will be very difficult for you to update the bios but if you can, the first thing should be to update the bios.
    If the unit was working previously, I would assume the bios was infected.

    Best is to buy another laptop I'd say.



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