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Thread: Dead N350 following attempt to upgrade to Win 7 Home Premium

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    Dead N350 following attempt to upgrade to Win 7 Home Premium

    I have a N350 JA03UK which is just nearly a year old. I have not used it much as I have not been away recently.

    I bought the upgrade key to upgrade it earlier this year and proceeded as instructed. However, after a very long while it failed to do this and nothing has been the same since. This may be my fault as I am unsure if all the Windows updates were installed before I started this.

    I tried to recover it but this has failed too, after which I lost all patience and put it away for a rainy day when I had more time.

    This was some weeks ago and the rainy day has literally come and I have had another go at reviving it.

    I have tried Samsung System Recovery, but after 15 mins and a declining Speed rate this has failed too, with a simple error message.

    Now all I get is:

    BOOTMGR is missing
    Press Ctrl+Alt+Del to restart

    I am probably to blame for this, as I expected the upgrade to be reasonably easy and without problem and I must confess some ignorance as to the resolving major problems with computers, so I have probably compounded the issue.

    Can anything be done to resolve, this or is all my money down the drain?

    Thanks very much.


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    Bootmgr details in this thread
    If you need the OS this thread will help

    Hope this helps
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