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Thread: Anyone for Windows 8 yet?

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    Anyone for Windows 8 yet?

    I installed the developer preview of Windows 8 last night and everything seems to have gone on ok but not had a great deal of time to explore everything. One thing to note is that IE10 automatically tries to use hardware GPU which the NC20 doesn't have so you need to switch it to use software instead.

    Onething that doesn't seem to work is putting the NC20 to 'sleep' so hibernate is the only option. The resume from Hibernate is very fast, compared with earlier OS, but I would prefer sleep to be an option too.

    I've started putting some of the Windows 7 drivers on starting with the mouse, easy screen and battery - everything else seems to be working fine.

    As for performance - so far, pretty good!

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    I installed a couple weeks ago. Anything with graphics runs really slowly since it uses the (software) Microsoft Basic Display Adapter. This means most games from the Windows Store really run way too slow, and ditto any video (I have 2G RAM). Apart from that it works. Startup is ok, but not super-fast, and the interface is really optimised for touch, but works ok with mouse/trackpad.

    I did download the VIA Chrome9 HC3 IGP WDDM 1.1 drivers from the Samsung downloads site and re-install over the Microsoft Basic Display Adapter. This let me watch videos again, but doesnt seem to be compatible with most of Windows 8 apps which seem to need a WDDM 1.2 driver (which VIA dont seem to provide)

    Am looking to uninstall and get a lightweight Linux-based OS. I tried ChromeOS Lime build from USB, but just got a blank screen...Any suggestions for a lightweight OS appreciated.

    I would go back to Win XP (which I always found to be super-fast on the NC20)...except I trashed it after installing Windows 8

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    JoliOS has become very stable (at V1.2 with Ubuntu 10.04 LTS hidden inside)

    Possible upgrade (with Ubuntu 12.04 LTS underneath) to V1.3 hoped for in April/May

    More info and link to download the ISO (just JoliOS) here...

    Help here...

    JoliOS used to be called Jolicloud, but the developers changed the name to JoliOS and are reserved Jolicloud for their new Beta Web App
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    Black Asus EEEPC 1011PX N550 2Gb RAM - Win 7 Starter + PCLinuxOS

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