Hi -

I have a one year old Samsung N350, with 2gb of RAM using Windows7 Starter. I have a problem of distorted sound when playing music from e.g both Spotify and Windows Media Player. At first I though it was caused by a weak signal when streaming music but I get the same problem when playing music from my hard disk. Also my signal from the router is showing as strong (about 50dBm amplitude).

If I turn off wireless (broadcom 802.11n network adapter) it's OK, but I (obviously) can't then stream music from Spotify.

I've got up to date drivers on the Broadband adapter and on Realtek HD Audio Controller. I've tried disabling the Microsoft Virtual WiFi Miniport Adapter; and Enhancements on Sound Properties. I've also tried changing the power settings from 'Balanced' to "Power saver" and "High performance". None of these have had any effect.

Could anyone suggest any other possible solutions please?